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With something as important as your smile, you need a general dentist you can depend on to be there when you need them. At Dyme Dental, your oral health is our priority.

There is a lot of research that shows how a person’s smile impacts their confidence level and self-esteem. We want to help you keep your healthy smile, or get you back to one that makes you proud to show it off.

Whether your goal is to maintain good oral hygiene, improve your smile’s aesthetics, or get rid of whatever is causing you discomfort and pain, we’re here for you. What you do at home to keep up with your teeth and gum health is important, but so are regular checkups and exams with a professional.

We all know the importance of regular wellness visits, and dentistry visits are part of your body’s overall health. Dr. Dyme and the team at Dyme Dental provide all the preventative care you need to maintain your good oral health, or catch any problems and fix them.

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General Dentistry Services

When you become a patient of a general dentist, you become part of a practice of trained professionals who can manage and treat dental health in everyone. From your child’s first tooth to elderly care, everyone is able to receive care.

A general dentist is also called a family dentist, and they provide regular maintenance checkups, preventative care, and restorative treatments. A general dentist like Dr. Dyme can teach you how to take care of your oral health from the inside out.

Before you schedule an appointment to see a dentist, make sure you found one that is a general dentist. There are others who specialize in a specific area. You may need them someday, but if you’re looking for preventative care, maintenance, and ongoing dental checkups, a general dentist is the way to go.

At Dyme Dental, your healthy smile is our goal. Everything you need for cleaner, stronger, and whiter teeth is available here. Preventative and reparative services can be done in our office.

What You Can Expect at Dyme Dental

The care you need to improve your dental health or keep it in top form if you already have it there is part of our services. At your first visit, you will probably have some x-rays with your exam and cleaning. This is normal so Dr. Dyme has a better picture of anything going on behind the scenes in your mouth.

Once you have your exam and your x-rays are read, you and the doctor will work together to come up with a plan of treatment, depending on your unique needs. Our services include regular procedures such as:

  • Regular dental exams, usually twice a year
  • Regular and deep cleanings
  • Services for dentures and maintenance
  • Partial and complete extractions
  • Composite and resin fillings
  • Bondings or crowns

With regular cleanings and checkups, plaque and tartar buildup are eliminated from your mouth, preventing problems down the road. These exams also let Dr. Dyme check for small problems before they become painful issues.

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Contacting our office is simple, and the friendly voice on the other end of the line will answer all your scheduling questions. Your oral health is in good hands when you choose Dyme Dental for your dentistry needs.

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