Tooth Extractions

When a tooth is so decayed or damaged that it has to be removed from the mouth entirely, it’s called an extraction. This is a surgical procedure that should only be done by an experienced professional, like Dr. Dyme at Dyme Dental in Glenview.

Patients who need a tooth extracted are usually concerned about what’s involved in the procedure. But these are routine parts of dental care that are performed regularly in many offices, as long as the dentist is an extraction specialist. They’re an affordable treatment that relieves pain and suffering or chronic damage in people with teeth that can’t be fixed.

Extractions are safe and frequently performed, but they aren’t the go-to solution. At Dyme Dental, our first priority is your health and safety, and we want to try to save your tooth if possible. However, if you have been advised that an extraction is the best option, you probably have questions and concerns.

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What to Expect With an Extraction

Considering a tooth extraction? There are a few things you should know before you schedule your procedure.

Extractions might be the only way to fix your dental problem, but you can still prepare yourself for what to expect. A consultation with Dr. Dyme is the first step, and he’ll answer your questions and ease your concerns.

If you’re not sure that tooth removal is the right next move for you, ask about the potential consequences of leaving your problem as it is. Right now, it may not seem like too big of a deal, but if it remains untreated, it can become dangerous. Infection can set in and get into your bloodstream, which can even be fatal.

Before you schedule an extraction, other treatment options will be evaluated. But if the tooth is too far gone to be saved, your dentist will likely encourage you to take the next step and prepare for an extraction.

What occurs during this procedure depends on your individual needs. Dr. Dyme will talk to you about the potential anesthesia options and whether you want to have an implant put in at the site of the extraction during the procedure.

Implants with extractions are common because they prevent the need for dentures or bridges later down the line. They also reduce the deterioration that can come with a missing tooth.

If you choose to have the implant put in at the same time as your extraction, Dr. Dyme will talk to you about the types of implants that are available and the pros and cons of each.

Extractions aren’t usually performed on the same day as a consultation unless it’s an emergency. In most cases, before you leave, you’ll also have instructions to help you prepare for the extraction surgery and the aftercare. Rest assured that your questions will be answered before you leave the office after your consultation.

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The last thing you want to do is wait until your tooth pain is so severe that you need an emergency extraction. Before it gets to that point, call our office at Dyme Dental in Glenview to schedule a consultation. Saving your tooth is the goal, but if you must have an extraction, there’s no better dentist to trust your dental health to than Dr. Dyme!

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